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Custom Software Development

We boast a wealth of experience and solid understanding and of creating feature rich custom software to run in multiple environments.

Our experience includes building Windows applications, web applications, native iPhone and Android applications. Our skills allow us to develop innovative solutions that span multiple technology platforms. We have intimate industry knowledge, meaning we have the insight to create feature rich boutique applications that produce results!

Boutique Applications - what does this mean? Boutique software development generally means development that is done within a specific niche with specialist knowledge. Our deep understanding of industry requiremetns is something that can only be gained through extensive experience.

touch screen kiosks & electronic billboards

We write software to integrate with touch screen kiosks!

salary package management

When you need the knowledge to create software for salary packaging we've got it!


Our experience covers the complex requirements fo bus and coach logistics.

phone systems management software

When you need a text to speech phone system integrated with your website, SMS or other solutions we've got the know how.

Enterprise Software

When it comes to large scale mission critical solutions Chilli Pepper Media has the experience and know how to deliver software solutions to solve the problems and run complex business processes. Regardless of the size of the business it's common that a software solution to solve a difficult or time consuming process can be an investment that saves literally tens of thousands of dollars each year.

We’re constantly dealing with high traffic public facing solutions that require the development of systems capable of scaling quickly to meet the demands of the business and the end user. The streamlining of data between public facing functionality and backend business processes is critical to operating business efficiently and delivering services quickly.

 Cloud Based Solutions

Our expertise extend to the development of cloud based solutions to ensure all customers and stakeholders of the business have convenient access to the features they need, without the need to install software.

 How We Work

We use tried and true processes to gather requiremnets, develop, review and deliver.

We deliver enterprise level software custom made for your business to save you time and money. Both private and government enterprises rely on us to provide mission critical solutions to keep them running.

When an out of the box solution won’t work, we will build it to suit tour needs.