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Cyber Security & Compliance

The risks associated with securing a digital presence are increasing every day. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated at lightning speed and it’s more important than ever to take cyber security seriously.

Most businesses will have a clear understanding that they need to have secure premises, security monitoring, alarm systems and other security systems in place to protect themselves against theft. However, many businesses don’t have the same awareness that their data can frequently be just as valuable as their physical assets and thus the commitment to cyber security needs to be just as vigilant. We help change that through the cyber security services we offer.

PCI Compliance

What is PCI Compliance? PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. It is a self-regulating body set up by the major credit card brands to create a set of standards, or requirements, for handling credit card data. When a business fulfils all the requirements it can submit the necessary information to their bank and they will be recognised as “PCI compliant”.

Why is PCI Compliance important? If your business is not PCI compliant and you are a victim of a data breach you can face heavy fines, be restricted from trading until you are compliant or even have your merchant account suspended completely. This doesn’t necessarily only affect online presence, such as your web site, it can affect your over-the-counter transactions too.

We’ve helped many businesses achieve compliance and helped other web development agencies get their own clients compliant, so we’re confident we can get you on the right track with compliance.

Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking

Knowing that your systems and network are secure is essential to understanding your vulnerabilities and achieving a secure digital landscape. We provide penetration testing and ethical hacking services to find vulnerabilities and secure systems.

Forensic Investigations

When systems have been compromised it’s necessary for someone to investigate the situation, find the root cause and set the strategies in place to move forward to setting up a secure environment. We provide the services to take server images, investigate system logs and report on the source of the breach. It will lead to an understanding of where a vulnerability occurred and how to prevent it in the future.