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Systems Integration

A common pain point for business is to have multiple systems that are not communicating with one another, or there’s no single place to view and consolidate information coming from multiple systems. We have a wealth of experience in bringing solutions together to create cohesive and seamless tools that will allow business to manage data from different sources easily.

This can be in areas such as warehouse stock control systems that are integrated in real time with web site sales, Customer Relationship Systems (CRM) and point of sale (POS) systems.

Many businesses use Excel spreadsheets to manage data that they then double handle by manually inserting that data into a different system because they lack to tools to do it for them. Our experience provides us with the insight to know what is and isn’t achievable and help analyse the business benefits of implementing integrated solutions.

Case Study

An example of important system integration can be seen using the following example.

This is a basic example of a real world scenario. The parts of the business process include:

In many cases in the examples we have shown each point may have good software products that meet the requirements of the individual part well, however they may not be able to share data in real time. As a result, business process can involve time consuming tasks of making phone calls, sending emails and keeping spreadsheets to communicate and track data.

Our skills provide the ability to develop bridging software to close the gaps, allowing systems to communicate with one another and make business more productive.